Gemach Resources


This page is intended to list the available items for loan to members of the greater community.  Please contact the individual below to arrange for loan of the needed items.  If you wish to add a resource to this page, please email all the information to


Simcha Wear
Reise Goldstein has a simcha-wear gemach for women. It has dresses that you would wear to a wedding or bar/bat mitzvah. Her phone number is 301-681-0860 and she is at 404 Eisner St. near YISE - Univ. Blvd.  Any women in the community are welcome to browse/borrow from the gemach and clothing donations are definitely welcome. (She does not don't take wedding gowns.) There is no fee, just please bring the dresses back clean.

Chani Mendlowitz 301-681-3411 in White Oak has a simcha-wear gemach as well as wedding dress gemach.

Baby Gmach

We currently have a baby gmach with a number of items
and are looking to expand. If you have any baby items to give away
please bring them by at anytime - if we are not in just leave them in the car port and
we will add them to the gmach.
Excepting items such as cribs/pack-n-plays, bouncers,
toys, strollers, car seats, carriers, swings etc...
(no clothing please)

We currently have:
2 regular strollers
2 double strollers
3 high chairs
2 toddler car seats
1 bouncer
2 baby baths
1 electric baby swing
20 ft. deck & balcony railing guard
1 railing/safeguard to put on the side of a toddlers bed

If you would like to donate/borrow something please call us @ 301-593-BABY (2229)


Hirsh and Yehudis Kamarow maintain a bicycle G'mach in Silver Spring.  You can call them at 301-681-1646.

Yehudis Komorow in White Oak also has an everyday clothing/Shabbat women's gemach which also includes children's clothing.

Maternity Clothing
Elise Cohen, has been maintaining a Gemach for maternity/nursing wear. Home phone number is 301-946-7444.

Moving Supplies and Boxes
Yaakov Lipman

Medical supplies/Wheelchairs
Viva Hammer has a breast pump Gemach.

Wedding Shtick Gemach
Beautiful wedding shtick (arches, fancy umbrellas, pompoms, hats, etc.) available for lending to the community! Contact Shana Wohl at

Bris Outfit Gemach

Crafts and Activities for women on bedrest